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Step into the World of Mixed Martial Arts at Our All-Inclusive Gym

Become Champion With Pretoria's Favourite MMA Gym

Not only are we the home to some of the best UFC fighters in the world but we are also proud to be the base for which champions are made. We offer level 1, level 2 and High School mixed martial arts programmes for beginners and advanced members alike. All of our programmes incorporate standup fighting, wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu ensuring our members dominate the competitive MMA circuits in South Africa. It is the strength of our system combined with expert coaching that allows us to produce such talented amateur MMA fighters who make transitioning into professional fighting with ease. 

Join us today to start your journey to becoming a future world champion! Under our disciplined and battle tested programme built by South African MMA pioneer Morne Visser, following in the footsteps of greatness is almost guaranteed. Become one of the many of our hardened athletes who continue to amaze us with their results everyday!

Professional Coaching

They say those who can't do, teach. Well at CIT our coaches are also memebers of our Team CIT MMA pro's team and are some of the most decorated and successful professional MMA fighters in the country ensuring that our members have access to a wealth of first hand knowledge. 

World Class Facilities

Aside from being home to one of the strongest amateur MMA teams we also house our very own professional MMA team. Both our amateur and professional teams utilise the very same training spaces ensuring that our members have access to some of the most professional training facilities.

Battle Tested Programme

Our reputation for creating some of the best fighters on the South African MMA stage is a testament to our notorious system with elements that prove useful even to our professional fighters. Our programme is a sure fire way to ensure success along the road from amateur to professional.

Track Record of Success

Our track record is one of the best in the game. We ensure that we give our members all the tools and knowledge they could possibly need in order to dominate when they step into the octagon. At our gym we let our results do the talking and with a track record like ours we can make you our next champion!

More Programmes

One of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu members smother tapping another member

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Two of our Kids MMA members sparring

Kids Mixed Martial Arts

One of our strength and conditioning members doing a barbell hip thrust during one of the classes

Fitness Classes

Start Your Free Trial Today!

All of our membership plans are offered with a one week free trial which extends to any and all of our classes throughout the week. Get in touch with us or contact Claudia on 083-291-8357 to book your free trial today.

Are you a student? Even better, make sure to claim your 20% student discount offered on all of our classes and save!

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