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Kids Mixed Martial Arts Gym and Community open to all

Make Your Little Ones Bully-Proof 

Here at CIT Performance Institute, we're giving kids across Pretoria the chance to begin life with confidence. Our Kids MMA classes teach important lessons about teamwork, self-confidence, discipline, and respect... plus, they'll have a fun time learning striking, playing interactive games, and keeping active! Our professionally-certified coaches will supervise them throughout each lesson and make sure they are focused and attentive.


The martial arts aren't just about self-defense... they're about developing strong values and creating positive personal growth. That's why we want to offer kids around Pretoria the chance to learn powerful, life-changing lessons through martial arts classes! Prepare your child for the future -- classes start at 6 years old. 

Training in the martial arts will help set your child up for scholastic and professional success. Not only will they become fitter and stronger, but they'll develop critical values that will persist and help them in all walks of life.

As your child strives to earn their next belt, they're learning smart goal-setting and a strong work ethic. As they drill on striking techniques, they're gaining teamwork and leadership skills. As they perfect their form and create fluidity between the things they've learned, they're gaining discipline and focus. That's why signing your child up for Kids MMA at CIT Performance Institute isn't just an investment in their physical development... it's Pretoria's most effective tool for mental and spiritual growth.

And that's not all! Our classes are tons of fun and your child will look forward to each and every class. They'll become stronger and more flexible as they learn lifelong habits of physical fitness. There's so much to gain from our Kids MMA classes, which is why CIT Performance Institute has become a pillar of the Pretoria community. Are you ready to get started?

Self Confidence

At CIT Performance Institute, we believe in empowering young minds with unwavering self-confidence. Our Kids MMA program is designed to instill a sense of belief in every child, helping them build self-esteem and self-assurance. Through martial arts training, kids learn to overcome challenges, set goals, and celebrate their achievements. Watch as your child's confidence soars, both on the mats and in their everyday lives.

Discipline and Focus

In our Kids MMA classes, discipline and focus are fundamental values we impart to young learners. Our experienced instructors teach children the importance of discipline through structured training sessions, fostering a strong work ethic and commitment. By sharpening their focus and concentration during martial arts practice, kids gain valuable life skills that positively influence their studies and daily activities.

Get Moving

Give your child the gift of an active lifestyle with our Kids MMA program. We encourage kids to embrace physical activity and lead a healthy life from an early age. Through exciting drills and interactive sessions, children develop coordination, balance, and agility. Our goal is to make fitness fun, laying the foundation for a lifetime of staying active and feeling energized.


oining our Kids MMA classes opens the door to new friendships and a supportive community. At CIT Performance Institute, we foster an environment where kids connect with like-minded peers who share a passion for martial arts and active living. Through teamwork and camaraderie, children build lasting friendships that make their martial arts journey even more enriching.

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One of our MMA members throwing a low kick during training.

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All of our membership plans are offered with a one week free trial which extends to any and all of our classes throughout the week. Get in touch with us or contact Claudia on 083-291-8357 to book your free trial today.

Are you a student? Even better, make sure to claim your 20% student discount offered on all of our classes and save!

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